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Coworking Space

Imagine coming out of your apartment in the morning and walking through our beautiful garden to get to the coworking space, where you will enter a cozy, finely decorated area,which invites you to sit in comfortable desks that easily inspire productivity from natural scenery seen through glass walls. Enjoy the perfect interior lighting, the ideal temperature, classical music, fresh coffee, and the best part: the company of other productive people like yourself.

Spectacular Pool

Imagine the perfect afternoon, enjoying the sound of palms rustling in the wind and the fountains pools flowing while relaxing in our modern chaise lounges as the sun sets on the horizon giving way to the moon...a wonderful experience that exceeds any expectation.

Fitness Center

Working out within a crystal sphere in the middle of the forest? A fantastic experience! In Tanama Lodge we want you to train your body and refill your soul while contemplating the beauty of nature. In your fitness center you can also enjoy Yoga classes, Zumba and Crossfit!

Beach Volleyball Court

You and your friends can enjoy a game of volleyball on our sand volleyball court!

Futsal Court

We prepared a spectacular futsal court for you to practice your passion for soccer whenever you want. You can also get involved in competitions with other teams from the area!

Sand Soccer Court

Yes! At Tanama Lodge we love soccer. So you will also have the opportunity to play with friends and family in the sand. Did you know that we are located 10 minutes away from the most beautiful beaches in the country?

Jogging Trail

If you like walking or jogging in the mornings or afternoons, you'll love our Jogging Trail. Imagine enjoying 750 meters of landscaping and instrumental music while walking happily around the complex.

Drive-in theater

In our Drive-in theater you will enjoy a good movie in classic style: inside the comfort of your car! And the best of all...we have fresh popcorn and delicious milkshakes available for you and your family to enjoy. A new concept of fun for everyone!

Restaurant / Cafe

Have a delicious breakfast any time of day or enjoy from our selection of ice cream, pastries, smoothies, and for the asian palates a delightful and diverse sushi bar.

Makeup Center

Make an appointment with a hairdresser to look your best on that special day. You can also invite your girlfriends to get your makeup done together! At Tanama Lodge you can use the Makeup Center whenever you want, you just have to book an appointment in the Lobby and get ready for an amazing evening with the perfect mirror and lights.

BBQ Area

Cook a delicious meal with your friends and family while having a little wine surrounded by nature. At Tanama Lodge you will have a barbecue area with specialized equipment and beautiful family style benches. Don’t miss the opportunity to share moments like these!

Laundry Center

Feel comfortable inside our modern Brooklyn-style laundry. Leave your clothes washing in our machines, while enjoying a good book, swimming in the pool, tanning in the sun or attending a yoga session in the gym.