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Named after the word SAND in Portuguese. With 96 rooms, the building represents the concept of clarity, purity and delicacy that characterizes the Dominican Republic’s white sand. It is divided into 12 1-bedroom apartments, 24 2-bedroom apartments and 12 3-bedroom apartments.

Named after the word Sea in French. With 102 rooms, this building represents the beauty and magnificence of the Dominican Republic’s turquoise waters. It is divided into 42 2-bedroom apartments and 6 3-bedroom apartments. And the best thing? the building brings unique elements like bamboo stairways for exclusive access to the four families that are settled on the 2nd and 3rd floor.

Named after the word SUN in the Italian language. With 102 rooms, this building represents the joy and fun you'll have when living in Tanama Lodge. It is divided into 30 1-bedroom apartments, 30 2-bedroom apartments and 4 3-bedroom apartments.